JYDoll is the manufacturer of sex dolls. Joining our advertising alliance can make long-term profits. Our products have good quality and guarantee, you can rest assured of promotion.

How to join the advertising alliance?

First, we register an affiliate account on JY Doll website and fill in your information.

Click on the link https://www.jydoll.com/affiliate-login

Website administrators will soon review and open our affiliate accounts.

See https://www.jydoll.com/affiliate-tracking-code on the Alliance Membership page for Your Tracking Code.

Then we can find the products we want to promote on https://www.jydoll.com/sex-doll

Add "&tracking = ***(your tracking code)" after the product URL.

Example: https://www.jydoll.com/jydoll-4ft9-150cm-kyra.html&tracking=5d00cb8d7b40a
Replace the red part with your tracking code

Put this link on our blog or social media so that customers who click on it can get a commission.

If we get more attention on what we publish, it will bring us a steady stream of revenue.

  • Jul 12, 2019
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