Vote for you most like New love doll from JYDoll in June,2019

After 2019 Shanghai Adult show in April ,we releases new products including silicone head with beauty face,caused many visitors interests and now,we keep working for new models to full fill with our buyers demand,here I choose some to share with you today.

1. Kitty-157 big breast style
Kitty as its name, with graceful posture of beauty, simple with sex, full of gentle and quiet lady temperament.

2.Bianca-157 big breast style
Bianca has produced a number of photo albums, this time with a T-shirt to match jeans, also gives a very chic feeling, full of youth activities.

3.New No.222 head with 159cm Verna and 170cm Claire

4.Laura-New silicone head 159cm Huge breast

We show Laura at Shanghai who wear cheongsam,that’s it,you WOW girl.Enjoy and let me know which girl you most willing to take home,more information,pls visit us at,

  • Jun 08, 2019
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