At JYDOLL we stand behind our products. For all products purchased directly from the manufacturer, we provide free repairs for six months following Quick User's Quide with customer's payment on two-way returned shipment. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have a change of heart we accept returns for our products in new and unopened condition with original box in seal, only with surcharge on two-way returned shipment. When you are considering purchasing a JYDOLL product please know that you can buy in confidence.

Please note our packages are tamper resistant and if the seals have been broken it is no longer considered new and we cannot accept the return as "new and unopened condition".

Should there be any irreversible damage or changes to contents in the package after you sign the package, please inform customer service and  the designated express delivery company to issue a declaration for reclaim within 48 hours.

Item Processing Time: Product We will take 1~3 days to complete the production and 5~7 days to deliver your orders by express (Fedex).

We will provide you the tracking No. once we finish the production.

Toys will be sent in discreet & intact packaging and Guaranteed product quality , please don't worry.

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Customs Duties and Taxes

Depending on your country’s laws, you may be subject to import duties and taxes on your purchase. But Don't worry,

Your charge from jydoll includes the cost of your item(s), shipping, any additional import duties and Taxes, you don't need to responsible for paying any additional import duties and taxes. Obviously the United States does not need any tariffs, for other countries, customers may need to cooperate in customs clearance, if the clearance is smooth, we will refund all the tariffs for the guests bear the tariff (only for dolls over the height of more than 140cm love doll). So, Our goods delivery's speed are more quickly and the delivery time is more short than any other online sex doll shop.

What if you're out when your order arrives?

If you're out when your package is delivered, your mail person or courier will leave a card scheduling another delivery attempt or telling you where you to pick up your discreetly packaged order

If your parcel is taken to the nearest courier service place, you can collect it or arrange for it to be redelivered.

What if your order doesn't arrive when you expect?

If your parcel is more than 10 working days overdue, please contact us:

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General knowledge of maintenance:

The simulating skin of the JYDOLL doll uses imported polymer SEBS as a original material to make a highly elastic non-toxic and tasteless TPE, TPE has a hardness of 0 degrees, a tensile rate of 500 % and a tear resistance of 1.7 Mpa. When the doll is used and placed, the surface will be sticky with dust and stains. In order to maintain the good performance and the cleanliness of the doll, please maintain it at intervals.Maintenance intervals vary according to the use and preservation environment, and usually once a month is good. Wipe the surface of the doll gently with sponge or towel which dipped in warm water. If the surface of the doll is stained, please wipe it with soapy water or bath lotion repeatedly and gently. Do not use corrosive detergent to clean the doll, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, powerful disinfectant and detergents.

Joint maintenance:

When remain curved for a long time, and The surface of the doll joints will come out crease due to improper posture and prolonged force on the surface. For example, if a doll sits in a chair for a long time, the abdomen of the doll may come out a fold. Non-standing dolls should not be posed a standing position.For the reason that the metal model under the feet will break the surface of the doll. Please restore the doll to its original position after using or shooting to reduce the stress on each joint.

Makeup maintenance:
The makeup of dolls in the factory are used by eyebrow pencils as real people do, it won’t fall off but gradually become lighter. Do not wipe the doll hard, especially the makeup part of its face,including the eyebrow and eyelash. Please pay attention to your strength when using and cleaning. Too much strength will cause hair shedding and fade. It's hard to fix once the color lost. Dolls can use general cosmetics for make-up, such as lipstick, blush, etc.. However, please do not smudge thick ointment on its face, which may make it difficult to clean. You can use soap water or remover to remove the makeup gently instead of wiping hard.