Sex Doll FAQ

1. Why I can’t found JY on TDF,I’m very worried and heard many rumors,how can I trust you website and brand quality?

First of all,TDF is the largest doll forum for doll lovers communication and sort out all problem.Every suppliers in China want to take part in for sure.We have been listed once a while long time ago.But our boss don’t know how to manager oversea market and soon,the problem comes out after we growing faster.We have damaged few vendors profits and at the same time,we have some competitors try to discredit the fact.At that time,we lost the right to speak on TDF until now.Many good vendors thinks it’s unfair for us and because they still sales our sex dolls and very well that many people loves our beauty face and quality.Here is one of vendors email quote for you reference,and if you can’t judgement  still,you can also send email to us or come to our factory directly,I’m sure seeing is believeing.Don’t fooled by other’s words,you are the master of yourself.

2. What’s the different between standard skeleton and update skeleton?

So,it’s all depends on you need,normally,if you just start to want a love doll with you basic need,standard skeleton can full fill with you demand.And if you purchase more fun with more pose,you can choose our update skeleton(All our sex doll can customized).But just notice,don’t use the advanced movement too much.Just image,even us,the skeleton joint need lubrication,right?

3. What’s the different from normal TPE,Jelly TPE and platinum TPE?

Normal TPE is our standard TPE from beginning when we established our factory.And more and more JY fans suggest if we can produce more softer touch feeling sex doll for them.Then we do a lot of research and make this Jelly TPE(Super Soft TPE),when you shake,slap,hit,it will offer you more enjoyable visual effect and body effect.Maybe it’s not suitable for all,you know.
Third,the platinum TPE is that we called no-oil TPE,it has the above both TPE advantage and No-oil.So you don’t need to take much time for nursing,no need to take Talcum powder everytime after movement.And have much more good feeling for you sex doll.

4. Why the doll’s makeup is different in different photos?

Even the same person was likely to have different makeup in the photos you see.This is because we will irregularly improve or fine-tune doll’s makeup.Adjustments include but not limited to eye shadow,lip color,eyebrow,eyelash,and hair.Therefore the makeup will have a little difference in different pictures. It can’t be exactly the same because every doll's makeup is done by hand. The lighting, technique and angle of shooting may cause visual errors.
I also attachment one vendor words for WM doll for you reference,it seems same problem exist
1.Obviously the lighting. The lighting is so important. Even if it's not for photo, lighting in the room can make the doll look better.
2. Hair - The wigs are the same, but the vendor photo had some one style it a bit. Keep in mind in real life, women spends hours in Salon, obviously for a reason.
3. Eye Makeup - clearly the lipstick makes the lip a lot more attractive, and the heavy eye makeup makes the doll better looking in complex lighting. The eye makeup on vendor photo would actually look bad in regular lighting.
4. General Makeup - This is like the beginner education for all girls: adding depth for forehead and face. I believe you can skip most steps and just go for fore color and shadow. Doll face do not have damage from aging, so I assume no foundation is needed.

5. What are the criteria for function selection of dolls?

We always follow one criterion when we add or reduce doll’s function ,that is,whether the doll will become not “beautiful” because of the modification.Anything affecting "beauty" will be excluded from the function list.

6. Will the makeup fall off?

We use secret special technics to do the makeup,which generally will not drop.You could consider it as a layer of coating which will gradually fade and become thin as the player constantly rub and play it. In order to protect the makeup,please just wipe the head.Do not clean it.

7. Can JY doll takes a shower and contacts the bath?

We,on principle,prefer to start our description with the word "clean".You can't throw TV to a bathtub, however, you can regularly wipe it with a rag.Before clean the doll,first you should know the structure of a doll,so as to decide the appropriate way to clean.Inside and out,the structure of the doll is metal skeleton and TPE skin.Well,you see metal,which means you should be cautious about natural enemy--water.We recommend you to clean it in the following way: Applying powder to the doll is as the main method.The frequency is adjusted according to the weather and doll’s exudation of oil.Take the shower as a supplement.Don't use boiling water when washing. The judgment criterion of boiling water is not producing vapor. The neck is the only one place water can get into,which means that doll will be safe as long as to protect the neck.The disadvantage is that it is hard to take the water out if water gets into.After a long time,the metal will corrode and have a smell.So please do remember to clean the doll very carefully.As for the bath lotion,there is no problem if it is produced by regular manufacturers.But we do not suggest to frequently clean the doll with it because they are also one of chemical products.