JYdoll's appearance at Shanghai International Adult Exhibition

On April 26, 2019, China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition, which attracts much attention from the industry, opened in Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center.

This year's exhibition is even larger, with more than 300 enterprises of interest participating in the exhibition. In recent years, the development speed of sex dolls is somewhat astonishing, which has become a major focus of the exhibition of sex goods, and is also the content that the audience is very willing to share.

JY sex doll's workmanship is very excellent, especially the handling of facial details is very realistic. JY doll has become the highlight of the exhibition and the scene is very popular.

  • May 04, 2019
  • Comments: 1
Comments: 1
angel66 15-05-2019 15:28
Lovely display. The silicone head one is really nice too. Thanks for sharing.
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