JY Doll TPE Upgrades now available

The JY TPE that is used for their sex dolls is great.It is soft,silky,smooth and pretty much odour free.This is now their standard TPE for every JY Doll that you buy from Yourealdoll.Most other vendors only offer standard TPE.

There are now two brand new TPE upgrades available:

Super soft Jelly TPE

Platinum TPE

Super Soft Jelly TPE

The Super soft Jelly TPE is the first level of material upgrade from standar TPE.It is softer and more flexible than the regular TPe that is offered.This updated formula comes at a premium of 80USD extra but it well worth the upgrade.

Platinum TPE

Platinum TPE for sex dolls is an entirely new concept.We all know that platinum has been used in Silicone dolls in replacement of tin for some time which greatly reduced the level of oil leaking from those types of dolls.

JY have implemented Platinum into the manufacturing process of their exclusive level of TPE which has exactly the same result as when adding it to silicone.There is very littler to no oil leakage from the resulting TPE.It looks no different and is still available in all the skin tones that JY offer.It is still super soft and supple as your would expect.This really is the next generation of TPE already here at YouRealDoll.